Autumn Trend: Feminine Fifties

The 50’s were one of the great times to be in fashion – with the war over and restrictions on textiles lifted, designers could let their imagination run free again. And they did. Out went the short-skirt, wide-shouldered trend of the 40’s, replaced by the smart, tailored look of the 50’s. Styles became more feminine, with hourglass silhouettes and girls looking “every inch the lady”. And let’s not forget the accessories – gloves, hats and jewerly were all essentials.

Now the feminine fifties are coming in vogue once again. Not in their over-sophisticated, pompous and unpractical form, but in a modern rebelion to the skinny jeans and boyish looks of late. In a nutshell, curves are back.

With its chic tailoring and pastel berry rose print, this Linea dress from House Of Fraser (£150) could’ve come straight from the Mad Men costume department. You can team these dresses with soft knitwear, such as the hand-embroidered pashmina wool cardigan by People Tree, complete with knitted medals, brooches and flowers across the neck and shoulders. Fever’s corsage is another option, with its sweet detailing and adjustable collar.

And a Fifties makeover will go nowhere without a pair of drop dead gorgeous shoes. Try the Frenchie Butterfly high heel from Schuh – made from luxurious suede and with beautifully crafted leather butterflies, this is a striking slender shoe to add that extra sparkle. Alternatively, the Bourne shoe from Shudoo will do the same in its Georgina Camel finish.

And last but not least, why not pop into some vintage-style undies? The Long Line vintage bra and girdle from Next is as chic and stylish as underwear goes. And voila, your Fifties look is complete. Now, get working those womanly curves.

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