Reindeer Season

This winter D&G have gone all yeti boots, nordic knits and gigantic goggles. The collection is very young and cozy, with reindeer patterns and snowflakes sprinkled on everywhere – from their chunky sweaters to the slim bodysuits. Some of the pieces are definitely unrealistic, but the general feel is of good old winter fun.

Closer to home, and a tad more practical and affordable, is Boden’s Chunky Hooded Cardigan from their winter teen range Johnnie b. Made from soft blended yarn, it is warm without being heavy, and the knit design is just on the right side of characterful. My last reindeer spot for today – I promise – is again from Boden. This slim-fitting loose-neck jersey is light and easy to wear when not exposed to the harsh winter elements.

Chunky Hooded Cardigan £50.00, Graphic T-shirt £16.00, by Boden

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